about us

Dev Bhoomi Group of institutions was established with the philosophy of Lt. Shri Hari Praksh bansal father of the chairman DBGI, Sh. Sanjay Bansal he has a vision that a different straits of society should get benefit of education which empowers them with professional skills and to sere the nation without being selfless. DBGI is all about at the right place, at the right time, to help you to achieve your goals and serve the nation.

With the spirit of serving and introducing young generation with ancient methodology of treatments Dev Bhoomi Group of Institution established Dev Bhoomi Medical college of Ayurveda and Hospital under the guidance of Honourable chairperson Sh. Sanjay Bansal where our team train students with basic and furnished knowledge of the field to survive in today’s highly competent society along with their sharp skills in Medicinal Ayurveda.


The mission of Dev Bhoomi college is to become pioneer in the field of education with high quality values of ancient treatments of Ayurveda. College always strives to update with advance, innovation lecture methodology and motivating our faculty members towards research so that we can meet the desire of nation in preparation of medicine and management of diseases through Ayurveda.


The mission of Dev Bhoomi College is to tap the hidden potential of the young minds and to provide the desired education. This is done by inculcating unconventional techniques backed up with a relentless effort and persuasion so their desire to achieve progress and prosperity in life is matched with a selfless service to the society. The aim is to facilitate the growth and development of Ayurvedic education to graduate students in the field of Ayurveda.


Dev Bhoomi Medical College of Ayurveda and Hospital
Address: Navgaon, Maduwala, Dehradun, Uttrarkhand
Established: 2015
Affiliation – Uttaranchal Ayurveda University
Course: BAMS     About Course detail click here

Date of Examination (CPMEE-2017) 10th September, 2017 (Sunday)
More Deatils    Combined Pre Medical Entrance Exam(CPMEE-2017)