IPD Section

IPD Department:

In Patient Department is a secondary department of any hospital where the patients get admitted after the recommendation of vaidh/doctors. Patients have to follow a few procedures only when a patient gets admitted to the specified room and bed.

The hospital gives appropriate facilities as per the following:

  • Proper diet as per the treatment is given by our vaidh
  • Special attention is given to the hygiene of the rooms
  • Department wise beds
S.No Department Male Female Children Total
1. Kaya Chikitsa 20 15 35
2. Panchakarma 8 7 15
3. Stri Rog evum Prasuti Tantra 15 15
4. Kaumar bharitya (Bal Rog) 10 10
5. Shalaya 8 7 15
6. Shalakya 6 4 10
7. Casualty 2

Total number of beds-            102

Dev Bhoomi Medical College of Ayurveda and Hospital has separate rooms for male and female in Panchakarma Therapies.