Panchkarma is an ancient branch of ayurveda used for detoxification and rejuvenation of cells of the body, mind and consciousness with the help of several therapies. Ayurveda believes our body age is determined by 30% whereas 70% of our body health depends on the choices we make, ayurveda believes the same as it suggests detoxifying body, mind, consciousness not only relax the body tissues but gives longevity to the body by extracting all the stress, harmful toxins from the body which have the power to cure diseases like chronic fatigue, neurological disorders, hypertension, cancer etc.

  1. Vamana (medicated emisis)-this is best line of treatment for kapha dosha
  2. Virechana (Purgation Therapy)- this therapy is best line of treatment for Pitta Dosha.
  3. Basti- most effective treatment for vata dosha where treatment is taken using herbal oils.
  4. Nasaya-medicated oil is pour into the body via Nostrils.
  5. Rakta Mokshana- in this leech therapy is done for skin diseases.


For this department, Dev Bhoomi Medical College and hospital has-

  • Well equipped Panchkarma therapy rooms for male and female separately.
  • Appropriate diet is available according to the treatment
  • A special attention is also given to hygiene of the room