Shalaya chiktsa


Shalaya chiktsa

Father of plastic surgery is Acharya Sushruta has taken forward Shalaya Chiktsa in ayurveda and medical science. The technique treats several diseases without any blood loss and painless procedure to the body; usually it is done for the diseases that are not curable using medicine. Shalya chiktsa is all about treating patients by marmas, shastra, yantras, sutures and aneathesia.

Here in Dev Bhoomi Group we have well equipped Shalaya OPD’s and OT’s and has treated several diseases successfully like sciatica, anorectal diseases like Piles, Fisher, Fistula, skin diseases and joint pains with of help of shirabhedhan, rakhtmokshan, Agni Karam, kshar sutra.


The department of Shalya Chikitsa has:

  • 15 beds- 8 for men and 7 for women
  • Appropriate diet is available according to the treatment
  • A special attention is also given to hygiene of the room