Shalakya Tantra


Shalakya Tantra is specialized branch dealing with the treatments above the shoulder diseases. The branch is mainly indulged with diagnosis, origin of the disease, precautionary methods and remedial measures to the diseases of head, ear, nose, eye and throat. The diseases are mainly treated with the help of rods and probes, medicating the affected area.

  1. Netra Shalaka (Eye)- in this the diseases related to the eye are discussed by Sushrut Sanhita, including conjunctivitis, pre-glaucomatic condition and glaucoma, pterygium and other diseases related to iris/pupil. The branch is not just revolved around the problem and the treatment, but also deals with other common aspects. Focusing on the eyes, it describes about the structure of the eyes in a way that all the intricate things are also dealt with.

  2. Karna Nasa Mukh Shalaka (Ear Nose Throat) – The study of diseases related Ear, Nose and throat is known as Karna Nasu Mukh Rog. The main reasons for significant diseases are usually the same in adults and children. Ayurveda describes in depth about the symptoms, causes, and possible treatment as ayurvedic treatment works for the root cause of disease and giving the best methods treatment by correcting it with changes in lifestyle, diet, and herbal remedies.

The significant disease that are being cured in DEV BHOOMI Medical college of Ayurveda are cough and cold, Headache, Sneezing, watering eyes, Heaviness of forehead and eyes. Short breathe, nose block, Snoring, Ear pain, pus discharge from nose or ear, Dsyphagia, Red eyes, Tinnitus etc. could be a few symptoms of any ENT disorders which might be uneasy to diagnose but negligence to these can result to some dreadful disease. So here our group of doctors apply some the renowned methods of NASYA KARMA, KARNA PURANA & KARNA DHOOPANA, KAVALA & GANDUSHA.